New York Straight Men: Cum Face

Jimmy has been absent from the city for a while. He has been working on a dude ranch out west giving riding lessons. He is back in NYC again working with the stables in Central Park. New York Straight Men couldn’t be happier because Jimmy can not only mount and ride a horse, he knows how to mount and ride a cocksucker! Jimmy admits that he really doesn’t “understand” porn, he only “drops In” because he knows he will get an amazing blow job as well as make a little cash for his pocket. The lights and cameras are all but invisible to him. Because of this he is so “real”, what you see in the movie is what he is really like all the time in person, its just that he is getting his cock sucked in the process!

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Southern Strokes: Cord and Haigan

Cord made a special request to the Southern Strokes producer … he wanted to get fucked by Haigan. Cord had watched all of Haigan’s videos and he just had to get his ass wrapped around Haigan’s big angry uncut cock. If you haven’t figured it out by now, then let me tell you that this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He fucking loves to hook up with guys that really dig him … check out the guys as they both get their wishes fulfilled!

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