ChaosMen: Kristopher: Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', 69-ing, Blow Job, ChaosMen, Rimming

It’s hard to work out who is Servicing who in this ChaosMen video. Kristopher identifies as straight, but every now and then he finds a dude hot and he’s more than happy to reciprocate. Teo is one such hot dude, and the two of them get into some oral, 69 and rimming action … enjoy!

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ChaosMen: Alexandro : Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', Blow Job, ChaosMen

Alexandro is a straight guy with a huge, fat, uncut cock who recently debuted on the ChaosMen site. He’s back again today to get his first ever blow job from another guy … in this case, from Teo. Teo has an uncut cock himself, and loves to suck off other uncut guys, but the poor guy had real issues with Alexandro’s dick size … Teo got a serious case of lock-jaw after only 3-4 minutes! He had to take regular breaks to allow his jaw to re-align itself!

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ChaosMen: Micah: Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', Blow Job, ChaosMen

Teo is back at ChaosMen and looking good and ready to do a blow job video! Micah was down with getting a blow job, and this video includes a wee bit of ass eating, but most of of all, Teo was willing not only take a facial, but to let a dude cum in his mouth. You’ll have to watch to see how darn good it looks … welcome back Teo!

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ChaosMen: Jet: Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', Arsehole View, Blow Job, ChaosMen, Fingering, Fondling Cocks, Jacking Off, Rimming

This is not a standard ChaosMen Serviced video. Jet had already done an oral scene and was fine sucking dick, though he wasn’t quite ready for an uncut one. The two guys start-off jerking themselves off. Teo, ever the pro, gets his dick hard quickly. They both sneak peeks at each other equipment, and that’s when Teo realized Jet is just not going to wake-up on his own, so he dives in for some cock sucking. Soon afterwards, Teo sits back and we see Jet’s now rock hard and, without a second thought, dives down onto Teo’s uncut wonder. A bit of anal fingering and rimming thrown in for good measure and you get a very hot video! … Not bad for two straight guys!

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