English Lads: Tom Sutcliffe and Jack Windsor

Tom is a big lad, standing tall at 6ft 4in and with big muscles you just can’t miss. Today at English Lads this straight man allows Jack to strip him of his clothes and find out that every one of his muscles are big … even that uncut one normally hidden in his boxers! Jack looks into Tom’s boxers and can’t believe what he sees, Tom is hung with at least a 9 inch erection and it’s very chunky! Then Site Members get to see Jack stripping Tom naked and it’s great watching their interactions; as you’d expect Tom is more than a hint outside of him comfort zone, though his uncut cock is soon throbbing to Jack’s touch and he starts to enjoy the attention. Just as he gets used to a man touching his cock, Jack is soon sucking Tom’s massive uncut cock, even Jack is struggling to get that all down!

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English Lads: Tom Hardy and Cameron Donald

English Lads hadn’t seen or heard from Tom for almost a year, and then, all of a sudden, he just popped up and said he would try going a little further … and what a great job he does. He starts off getting a very relaxing massage, given by massage expert Cameron, and before you know it Cameron has Tom’s boxers off and shows off a very hairy arse indeed! Tom has a pretty hairy chest, but you won’t believe how much hair surrounds that hidden little manhole of his! It all goes so well that Cameron offers to give Tom a blowjob; Tom hesitates for a second, but agrees and before you know if Cameron is doing a great job at blowing Tom!

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New York Straight Men: Tom: A Hairy Broker

Meet Tom! He is a sexy, straight and hairy stock broker. He is a native New Yorker and sometimes finds his job stressful, and also finds sex is a way to burn off steam for him. Naturally the New York Straight Men crew thought a blow job would be in order. After many long conversations with him he finally agreed. Sean gave him the best blowjob he had ever gotten and the lights and cameras didn’t phase him in the least. He was totally focused on Sean’s skilled mouth!

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