Active Duty: Wayne Loses His Cherry To Vic

Wayne has been in a lot of recent scenes from Active Duty, but so far he has always either been doing oral or topping. Today, however, Wayne takes things to the next level and loses his man-cherry to Vic! As usual, straight Vic receives without giving, but open-minded Wayne is willing to give Vic’s rod some nice attention. Soon, Wayne decides its time to get a little bit of Vic’s pole up inside him. Wayne’s on his side, while Vic is up on his knees behind him, all lubed-up and ready to go!

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Active Duty: Wayne Sucks Straight Manly Vic

Vic is the stud who is the subject of this oral update from Active Duty. You’ll just love looking at his delicious, ripped abs and bulging muscles. He’s got nice buzzed hair and some cool tats. The “I’m going to whip you if you look at me wrong” vibe that he has sometimes just makes him all the more tantalizing. After masculine Vic has stripped off his clothes and gone to work on his rod, the cameraman suggests that he get some friendly help from the sexy Wayne, who is slightly off-camera. A few seconds go by, and Wayne is suddenly plopped down on the couch next to Vic and is sucking away. This is a no-frills affair folks, and Wayne is just here to lend a helping hand (and mouth)!

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Videoboys: Vic Palmer and Benjamin London

To say that Vic Palmer is straight, while technically true, might give the reader the wrong impression about what to expect from him. Yes, he is very attracted to girls, and even has a girlfriend, and yes he has never had sex with another guy before. But your average self-identified straight guys are usually quite reluctant to jump into having sex with guys or at least reluctant to let anyone know that they would do it. But Vic is not your average straight guy. On the contrary, he’s perfectly relaxed about the idea of having sex with a guy and he’s not shy about talking about it … at least, once he got permission from his girlfriend, then he was good to go! And not just the straight guy version of gay sex. Vic was ready to do the full course meal: kissing, sucking and then finally he was ready to pound some arse with his big eight inch cock … and Benjamin London was the lucky straight-lad breaker-in for Videoboys today … check them out below!

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Active Duty: Drew and Vic

This week Active Duty introduces Vic, yet another very sexy new recruit, in his first ever hard core scene with another dude. Things starts out as a solo jerk session, where the muscular masculine brunette strokes it and plays with his nipples. Enter Drew from stage right … yes, the straight Vic is game to let Drew suck his rock hard cock. After some oral action, Vic decides that he’d like to top Drew and announces it. “I don’t know if I can,” Drew hesitates. Vic answers with, “Turn around.” Drew relents, “I’ll try.” Vic pushes Drew down onto the bed and yanks off his shorts, revealing his smooth white rear. “Be gentle,” Drew says to Vic … hot stuff!

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