New York Straight Men: Cocksucker’s Mid-term Exam

It was time for New York Straight Men cock-sucker JJ to take his midterm exam in Cock-Sucking 101. Vito, Tony’s gumba from the neighbourhood was JJ’s , “coach”. Vito is no-nonsense about how he likes to get head. While he can’t be so forward with his girlfriends about their Cock-Sucking skills, he was here to “grade” JJ at the end of the session. Vito had no problem forcing JJ down on his big hairy cock, he also made sure that the suction was tight while still being wet. JJ got a load out of Vito, and Vito was pleased with the blowjob, he gave JJ a B+. While that is not a bad grade, he needs to score an A+ in order to be a full fledged Resident Cocksucker. Seems he will have continue to be a junior cocksucker till he earns his A+ …

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New York Straight Men: Vito

It’s late April and the straight Italian hairy hunk Vito arrives at New York Straight Men with a raging hard on. He thought he would be too “freaked out” but not only the cameras but by having a guy suck him to even get hard. But the Bronx Italian in him came out … his big cock was hard as a rock and Trey sucked it like a champ! Vito was really happy with the load that was sucked out of him and told Trey that he sucked a good cock!

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