SpunkWorthy: Blowing Wes

Wes, the hairy and horny college dude is back at SpunkWorthy again, and this time things are going to ratchet up a notch or two … yes, Wes is going to get his first ever blow job … from another guy. He is eager to try it, and already has a boner in his pants when the camera starts rolling … before long his dick is out, getting sucked and he is laid back moaning in sexual pleasure. Then the tables get turned about a bit and he is on his knees with his furry arsehole exposed to the world and suddenly he feels another man’s tongue licking at it … lap, lap, lap …. the guy looks like he’s gone to heaven!

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Active Duty: Drew and Wes

Drew and Wes quickly shed the fabric and get down to the action in this scene from Active Duty. Their jockey shorts were soon down around their ankles and hands were stoking each other’s cocks. Then, as Wes bends over to blow Drew’s impressively thick shaft, he sticks his smooth arse teasingly out towards the camera, and if that’s not the sign of a bottom-in-waiting, you’ll never see a better one! The guys get into a 69 so both can blow their buddy at once, and then Drew climbs on top of Wes and pushes his big cock straight up Wes’s tight str8-lad’s poop-chute. The two go at it for a while until Drew can’t hold it in any longer and shoots a sizeable load all over Wes’s gorgeous round cheeks. Then he orally helps his new buddy shoot his own pent-up load!

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