Zack Randall: Zack Randall and Billy Club: Fucking Straight Boy Arse

Billy really has come a long way since he first sucked some dick. He’s enjoying a mutual gobble with the gorgeous Zack Randall in the bedroom for this video, but his arse is no longer off-limits! He takes it well, on his back and being humped to the limit, all the way to some shared jacking and cum shooting that sees him being splashed by Zack’s famous squirting load!

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English Lads: Oli Hall Gets Man Handled

Oli was a little nervous at the beginning of this English Lads shoot, though knowing his brother had done a similar shoot before him seemed to help him on! Once in his boxers he gets a good body massage and thoroughly enjoys the deep tissue massage; off come his boxers and unusually for Oli he is soft! Some teasy massage and accidental knocking of his uncut cock soon sees it grow to a very solid piece of cock! He lets Zack rub oil on it and says he is just enjoying his hands free wank! A great shoot where you get to see all sorts of things, including some foot wanking and after all the teasing Oli lies back and unloads.

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My Straight Buddy: Buzzcut 2: Jack Gets A Haircut

This was actually the first video My Straight Buddy shot with Jack, right after Jack got out of the brig. Jack had let his hair go while he was behind bars as an act of defiance, but when he got out he decided he needed to get all clean-cut if he was going to look for a job. He hated to do it though. The honours were done by Zack, who did a pretty passable job, and who is always good for wisecracks.

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