The Casting Room: Alfie and Wayne

In this new super hot video at The Casting Room, handsome straight man Alfie is nervous and clumsy when it comes to having sex with another man. He does everything he can to avoid eye contact and puckers up for a kiss like the shyest of virgins. Every move he makes around the more experienced and eager Wayne is brisk and efficient, rather than passionate. It’s as if he’s trying to navigate around Wayne while naked in the locker room. The big dumb lug needs to be taught every step of the way how to handle a man’s body … from stroking each other’s dicks, to the art of fellatio. Alfie keeps looking to the cameraman for guidance, because he thinks if he’s being directed in exactly what to do, it is easier for his macho pride to take the fact he’s doing gay sex! From Alfie’s incredibly tentative steps in sucking dick and licking arse you can see how difficult it is for the poor guy and that’s what makes this video so incredibly horny to watch!

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