The Casting Room: Lee Goes Gay For Pay

Before arriving at The Casting Room to film this audition episode, Lee had never experienced any sexual contact with another man. He wants to get into a porn career, and the success, or otherwise, of this audition will determine his fate … so, before he was allowed to star in his own porn films, he first has to prove he is up to the job. The confident head-strong lad doesn’t like to show fear, but he couldn’t hide his nervousness when first taking a man’s cock in his mouth and feeling it slide up his tight pink anus. Dave, his partner in this film, aggressively introduces him to having sex with another man … kissing him deeply, pressing his stiff dick against him and fingering his tight virgin anus. Lee is very tentative about giving a man oral, not wanting to slide his lips past the helmet. He finds it a good laugh having his arsehole licked until he realizes that it’s just being wetted up and opened so a fully hard cock can be thrust inside him. Even after a lot of gentle widening of his arse the sharp hot shock of being really fucked is harder for him than lifting any size weight at the gym. His creamy-white arse is covered in a fresh load of semen. The effect of watching his man-cherry being taken is fucking electrifying!

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