Active Duty: Jesse Nice and Justin Weston

Active Duty hotties, Justin Weston and Jesse Nice, are two straight studs who like nothing better than making the most of their downtime in the barracks. Though they prefer women, they know how to make the most of any situation, and after a mutual jerk off session, they decide to help each other out. Watch as Jesse takes Justin’s matter into his own hands and downs his buddy’s dick with one fast gulp. Justin moans as Jesse sucks him off, and then he returns the favour to his fellow soldier, before bending Jesse over and having his way with him. He slides his meaty cock deep into Jesse’s hole and pounds him doggy-style until Jesse is close to cumming. But Justin isn’t finished yet, so he flips him over and fucks him harder. As Jesse shoots his load all over himself, Justin gives him one last thrust before pulling out and blasting him with his nut, coating Jesse and sending both of these guys to the showers.

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