Active Duty: Kaden Saylor Tops Tanner: Pt 2

Somehow Active Duty has never paired up their new fan favourite Tanner with their own legendary Kaden Saylor … that is, until now. The scene opens with the guys in high spirits as they joke about their seating arrangement and the video in the background. After a spell of cock sucking, Kaden asks if Tanner is ready before taking charge. He pushes Tanner over to the bed and onto his back. Kaden instantly starts to ram on in, much to Tanner’s dismay as he grunts and moans … he even gives the camera the “finger”. A few minutes of seemingly wild discomfort pass and Kaden finally gets in and gets into a rhythm. The guys work through four different positions, including Tanner on his back, side, hands and knees, and then riding on top of Kaden before they both explode with pleasure.

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