Active Duty: Lance and Marty: Lance’s First Time Gay Experience

Recently Active Duty introduced us to Lance, a straight hottie in a uniform who was very nervous during his debut solo. Now Lance is back again and willing to take things to the next level … with Marty. It’s obvious that Lance is being honest when he says he’s “never done anything like this before.” He asks Marty about his experience, and Marty tries not to scare off the newbie by revealing too much. They start off jacking side by side, but eventually Marty starts giving Lance a helping hand, and he doesn’t object. Lance had never been sucked by a guy, but that all changes in this scene when he lets Marty go down on him. He ends up getting into it, getting noticeably harder, putting his hand on Marty’s head and eventually moaning and throwing his head back. You’ll have to watch the scene to see how it ends!

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