Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad From The Metro

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman met a young guy at the local metro station. He was originally from Slovakia and had moved to Prague just recently. He made the move for work – but so far he hadn’t managed to find anything. His parents are still supporting him financially, but hey expect to be paid back when he gets a job. So, naturally, he is the perfect candidate for our cameraman’s favourite pastime … fucking cute young twinks! He was open to the offer of some fast cash in exchange for sexual favours and they proceeded to a hotel where we get to see this lad’s naked body … and amazingly, for a straight guy, his uncut dick was already hard as a rock … what a great find!

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English Lads: Straight Tough Nut Paddy O’Brian

Paddy has made quite a splash round the world since English Lads first introduced him to adult entertainment industry. Paddy is all man Paddy, but takes one giant leap for himself as he agrees to be a very naughty boy and do nothing in this shoot! Though before doing nothing he does strip off down to his boxers and jumps up on the bed and lies face down and smiles as he enjoys getting a back massage! Some massaging later and Paddy is still doing nothing as his boxers come off and his abs get massaged and his legs and his cock gets nudged around. Paddy still does nothing as his cock gets massaged and it’s soon full and hard and gets gently massaged some more! Still Paddy does nothing; though soon he contributes and shoots a nice big load of cum … doing nothing can be fun!

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Czech Hunter: The Straight Hottie From The Train Station

This weekend the Czech Hunter cameraman tried his luck at the main train station in Prague. The plan was to look for young guys coming back to the city from spending the weekend with their families. He soon found one, he was Slovak, not Czech, but that’s not a problem, a hot arse is same everywhere. This young man had moved to Prague a month ago and he had been quite busy … he’s found a flat, a job, and even a new girlfriend! But money was still very tight. Sensing his potential, our cameraman naturally offered him some financial help in exchange for some sexual favours … he looks very innocent and sweet, almost shy, but he agreed almost instantly and even flashed his uncut cock right in the middle of the platform in full view of anyone passing by! And that was just a beginning!

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