Bait Buddies: Travis and Theo: Punk, Tattoo and Screw

Bait Buddies doesn’t normally do ‘alternative’, but when this punk, tattooed guy walks into their studio looking for a maintenance job, the office pervs quickly find out that Travis has a girlfriend, meaning he’s straight, and almost as important – he has a nine inch cock. With a little more prodding they also learn that Travis loves to say ”I’ll try anything once”. That’s the cue … and before this inked up punk knows what’s happening, he is being brought onto a video set and introduced to Theo, the Bait boy. You can tell that Travis thinks he just hit the jackpot … from maintenance man to porn star in just a few short hours and if there was a thought bubble over his head, it would say ‘pussy, pussy, pussy’, but boy is he way off base. Both dudes are now watching some pussy porn, their cocks are getting harder. Theo reaches his 8 inch length while a few minutes later Travis beats him with a really big 9 inch uncut cock which Theo eyes with anticipation of where that big cock will soon be. Then they are told the girl they are “expecting” didn’t show up and that if they want to get paid, they’ll just have to fuck around with each other. It was obvious by Travis’s initial response that he didn’t include gay sex in his earlier ”I’ll try anything once” pronouncements. Even when offered double the money, he’s stands up to get ready to leave. But the crew reasoned with him and Travis sort of fell into the rhythm of it all. So, get ready to see Travis fuck the cum out of Theo with his giant cock and then shoot a huge load which splatters Theo’s body up and across his face!

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