Boys Halfway House: Sasha

House Manager jobs don’t pay a lot, but there’s just something priceless about being able to have your cock drained by teens and twenty-somethings any time you want. It’s the best job perk ever, really. Even better, you get to help out a lost soul along the way. Because of the unscrupulous ways of managing things at the Boys Halfway House, you can imagine some of the residents talk to each other, often in an unflattering way, about how the place is run. Well, snitches abound, and each time someone tries to talk shit, he gets his come-uppance quickly. One resident, Sasha, had been saying that the ways at the House just aren’t right. Well, if he doesn’t like the way he’s treated, maybe he should have thought about it before he took the slow road to the pit they dragged him out of. He’s clean now, and he has three squares per day. He goes to meetings and has the opportunity to have a job. So what if his mouth gets used more than a pro? At any rate, his attitude only helps the Manager bust more when he releases his load. This day was one manager’s lucky day.

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