Boys Halfway House: Taylor Brooks

Regardless of the stricter lifestyle, regardless of the meetings, the bottom line is that not one of these fucking losers is going to get better until they are ready to. They listen to no one – that change needs to come from within. Sure, the Boys Halfway House Managers try to help, but they often find that the conventional methods don’t do much for them. Their unconventional ways, however, can usually cause a spark that ends up steering one in the right direction. It’s kind of like waking up in the gutter, only someone actually gets to benefit. The beneficiary, of course, are the House Managers themselves, who are at least able to get their rocks off while showing these delinquents what fuck-ups they are! Case in point: Everything was a joke to this young man, Taylor Brooks. Now, after a few rounds with some cock in his mouth and arse, he seems like he might want to change. The smirk has been wiped from his face, and he might just be ready to try to join the real world.

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