Southern Strokes: Blowing Tommy: With Tyler West and Damian Slater

Recently Southern Strokes put straight new cummer Tommy in the middle of the room on a nice cushy Ottoman and stripped naked … so he had nowhere to escape to. Damian and Tyler joined him … they were both naked too, and the two lads proceeded to work Tommy over with their mouths. As you can see, it wasn’t long before young Tommy was rock hard and enjoying every second of it!

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad At The Supermarket

The Czech Hunter never leaves home without his trusty cam at his side. When he saw a cute lad in his local supermarket he couldn’t help himself … he just went up to the guy and explained him that he didn’t want to sell him something, he just wanted to offer him good money for a look at his cock! He was more than willing and showed it right away. But when he tried to talk him into a blow-job he was much more reluctant. Our cameraman really had to make a very good offer to get this straight lad to agree to follow him to the nearby toilets …

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Active Duty: Riley Fucks Straight Newbie Jason

“Back again!” Riley says as this Active Duty scene with Jason opens. Shredded Riley has been doing a lot of work with them lately, but Jason is still a bit nervous as this is only the straight guy’s second time with a another man. Luckily, he’s in good hands! The guys start out on the bed admiring each other’s bodies and shooting the breeze, including Jason talking about his first (and so far, only) time on bottom. The action progresses so that Jason is sucking Riley, who is impressed with his skills considering it’s only his 2nd time. Riley returns the favour before getting Jason up on his knees to he can finger his tight hole. “You like that?” Jason grunts out an “I do” and Riley keeps on working his rear. It isn’t long before Riley has slithered his big rod up inside Jason. “Damn, that’s tight!” Riley says, as he pistons in and out of Jason!

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