English Lads: Chris Little and Stewart Hammond

Slightly shy Stewart is paired here at English Lads today with naughty boy Chris and we certainly get some hot straight lad on straight lad action! Chris starts things off giving Stewart some head … he then returns the favour … both straight lads are pretty good now at giving head and get real hard when they have a cock in their mouth! Before you know it Stewart is getting fucked and does a great job at receiving Chris’s rabbit-like fucking action!

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English Lads: Chris Little and Dan Broughton

A late bit of autumn sun was just perfect to remind English Lads of what happens when you put a horny str8 lad with a devious gay boy! Chris surprises Dan early in this shoot by going in for a kiss and the horny action kicks off immediately thereafter. Dan knocked sideways by the kissing thinks he is in heaven being able to kiss and suck a straight boy who is in one horny mood! A great set of photos in the hot sun with two very horny lads …

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Straight Fraternity: Junior and Cody

Junior and Cody meet for the first time at Straight Fraternity and they are excited to do so … in fact, they undress each other right away. While still in their boxers, they work on each other’s nipples and hard cocks. Junior kicks back and enjoys a blow job before Cody climbs on top and sits right down on his big black dick. After riding him like a pro, Cody dismounts and with some more cock sucking, they both shoot their loads down Cody’s smooth white leg.

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