English Lads: Jack Roberts

Straight hunky footballer Jack did a solo with English Lads that was really popular; it was hard to get him to agree to get a massage as he said he was happy to get a massage but not if it meant his cock was touched! But after lots of persuasion he gave in and what you see today is his toned body get a great massage, some foot massage and then his cocks gets a gentle rub with some oil and after a few minutes his soft uncut cock begins to stir and is soon a throbbing erection in our masseurs hands! Jack only touches his cock this shoot for just a short section in the middle before he hands it back and gets jerked off to a nice load on his abs! Wow Jack, you let a guy wank you off!

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English Lads: Joe Rose

Joe Rose is back at English Lads and looking more muscular than ever after working hard in the gym the past few weeks! Joe continues to push his boundaries here as he agrees to his first manhandling! Joe shows off his big biceps, ripped six-pack and muscular legs before our cameraman gets him oiled up on the bed and massages his achy muscles. It’s hard to know what’s harder, Joe’s abs or his thick uncut cock! Then the cameraman helps to show off his muscular bum and hairy hole to Site members before he wanks Joe’s uncut dick until Joe precums and then he takes over. Joe’s muscles tighten up as he gets close and then he squirts his load all over himself!

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English Lads: Cameron Donald and Wesley Seaton

Having recovered a previously lost hard drive, English Lads found this previously lost and unseen footage. Wesley wasn’t sure about doing anything but a solo shoot, but he warmed to the idea of doing something more and today you see what he got up to … and he ended up not being as cautious as you’d think! Wesley starts off being stripped down to his boxers and then relaxing on the bed as his body is massaged really well with a strong sports massage by Cameron! Before you know, Site Members will get to see that Cameron has Wesley naked and massages his body doing a great job at showing off his hole, surrounded by that light blond fuzz! Cameron is soon wanking Wesley’s very stiff uncut cock and, feeling left out, without a job to do himself, he grabs Cameron’s uncut cock and returns the favour! Lots of wanking later and Wesley is unloading his cum load everywhere!

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