English Lads: Jay Robinson

Jay Robinson has always been very open-minded and in this scene at English Lads he continues to push his boundaries as a straight lad as he plays with some dildos for the first time in his life! Jay gets nice and hard and reminds us what a big chunky uncut cock he has before he experiments with the small black dildo first which seems to slide right in with no trouble! He seems to like it so tries the beads on for size! He massages his cock nicely as he pumps his hairy hole and finally upgrades to the straight purple dildo! After lots of arse fun, he power wanks his cock and wow, unleashes lots of cum all over his abs!

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Men.com: Austin Wolf and Alex Myers: What’s Up, Cock?

Dr. Austin Wolf’s next patient is here, and so is the patient’s hot son, Men.com model Alex Myers. Austin kisses the twink’s hand before starting the check-up, only to look over and see Alex with his hole out! Alex slides a thermometer into his arse and entices the horny doctor to sneakily fuck him. Dr. Austin prepares a hot injection for the twink’s mouth, and when Alex spits out the cum, his dad worries he needs medical attention! Luckily, Dr. Austin takes good care of the sexy patient, picking him up for a stand and carry, then Alex rides the doc’s dick. Dr. Wolf pounds the bottom in doggy-style and cums on his hole.

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Boys Halfway House: Theo Brady: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

This new generation of Boys Halfway House residents are something else. They don’t care enough to follow the rules, but they say they care when you confront them. This House Manager was dealing with this particular resident, and it was the same story. He told him that he needed a measure of good faith that he wouldn’t screw up again. The Manager knew he would screw up again, but he just wanted to get his dick wet, of course. The resident didn’t fight back much, and as a matter of fact he took the opportunity to get a nut himself. What gives? Ten years ago the residents didn’t like being cum dumps at all, and were just happy to have a place to crash. Nowadays, yoyos like this guy are content to be a jizz rag.

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