Active Duty: Wayne Sucks Straight Manly Vic

Vic is the stud who is the subject of this oral update from Active Duty. You’ll just love looking at his delicious, ripped abs and bulging muscles. He’s got nice buzzed hair and some cool tats. The “I’m going to whip you if you look at me wrong” vibe that he has sometimes just makes him all the more tantalizing. After masculine Vic has stripped off his clothes and gone to work on his rod, the cameraman suggests that he get some friendly help from the sexy Wayne, who is slightly off-camera. A few seconds go by, and Wayne is suddenly plopped down on the couch next to Vic and is sucking away. This is a no-frills affair folks, and Wayne is just here to lend a helping hand (and mouth)!

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Active Duty: Gage and Jake

Gage has been working out and it sure is showing. He’s also obviously been missing his fun in front of the Active Duty camera and that shows, too. He’s all over Jake like he’s wanted that big cock all his life. Jake always looks so happy to be here too … he’s found a good place to have that big cock of his worshipped and pleased like nowhere else. Talk about a guy who has come a long way. With each scene Jake gets more and more into what’s going on and today’s scene is no different. He’s all smiles and that huge cock is hard as a rock. He can’t wait to get it into Gage’s mouth and Gage seems to share the feeling. The sucking leads to Jake plowing Gage’s ass until they both blow their loads all over Gage! You have to see this one for yourself!

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Active Duty: Ransom and Tatum and Taylor

When Tatum, the new recruit from Active Duty, looses his nerve in what was supposed to be his first time bottoming, Taylor answers the call of duty and offers up his own virgin ass in his place. Tatum does great as a top, and Ransom takes his big dick like a champ. When it’s time to finally bottom, the faces Taylor makes are priceless. After topping so many guys with his long cock, Taylor finally gets a taste of what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

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Active Duty: Bric and Kaden

It’s was a big day at Active Duty as we get to watch one of their latest, hottest and most popular new recruits cross that final line and as Kaden says, “Go from never to whenever.” And, it just so happens that Kaden was the one to help see this mission through. What happened was nothing short of magic. The two guys really hit it off and Kaden’s experience proved useful in making Bric feel comfortable about giving up his virginity. After watching this scene at Active Duty, you’ll agree whole heartedly … these boys are a match made in porn heaven!

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