Active Duty: Devon and Ransom: Crossing The Line

Active Duty recently found this video of Devon and Ransom in their vaults and released it for the first time this week on their re-designed site. One thing that they are known for is how they can slowly move their straight recruits across the gay/straight line, inch by inch, getting them more and more comfortable and ready for the next step. Sometimes this means baby steps and getting them to take that process slowly on several videos, as they agree to try more and more each time. Devon is one of their baby steps kinda guys. Devon is all smiles when the camera comes on when he’s introduced to Ransom, who by the way, is looking mighty delicious himself. Ransom has been spending some serious time in the gym and it’s paying off nicely. That body of his is so hot as he sits next to Devon, ready to attack. See for yourself how Devon crosses the line in this great oral scene!

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Active Duty: Quentin and Brian

An old favourite, Brian, is back with Active Duty and he’s very excited to be matched up with a more recent favourite, the smoking hot Quentin. Once the fun started, Brian’s dick seemed to get harder and (as if it is even possible) bigger than before and Quentin certainly took his time enjoying the massive erection too. After that, Brian went to his knees to return the nice favour! He went to town on Quentin’s cock, giving it all the care and love a nice stiffy deserves. Then the two guys moved to the bed where Quentin finally sat on Brian’s raw throbbing member and slowly worked up to a good riding pace. My goodness is that thing a hole stretcher!

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Active Duty: Riley Tops Orion

Orion, the gorgeous grunt from Active Duty, is on the fast track as he moves from his debut jack off solo straight to bottoming for Riley! Orion went in to use the shower and found Riley already there. The shower is party-sized, so of course Riley invited Orion to join him and Orion agreed, despite the fact that he’s never showered with “another dude” before. One thing leads to another, and soaping up each other’s backs leads to Riley on his knees sucking Orion off. Before you know it, the two toned studs are going at it like rabbits in a myriad of different positions all over the bathroom as Orion loses his anal virginity in this super-hot fuck scene!

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Active Duty: Shea and Tito: Flip Flop Fuck

“We got a newbie,” the Active Duty director says as they start their brand new scene this week with Tito and Shea. This is Shea’s gay film debut, and you will see they didn’t waste any time getting this hot new recruit into the mix! He’s a little nervous, but Tito helps him get going and before you know it the guys are groping, stripping, sucking and even do a little 69-ing before deciding it’s time to move on to the flip flop fuck action! Check it out .. very hot scene!

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