FratX: HangOver GangBang

In this weeks update at FratX the guys are just waking up after a night of partying. Zach, while still nursing a hangover, is the last one out of bed. He’s quickly surrounded by five other dudes with big morning woods. Jackson tries shoving his cock into Zach’s mouth but Zach fights back and bites Jackson’s dick. Everyone can’t help but laugh. The humour is short lived, as the scene quickly turns into a hot and horny gangbang …

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FratX: Who’s the Bitch?

One afternoon the guys from FratX were drinking beer in the rec-room, one of the guys grabbed a cam and told a couple other fratboys, Krys and Zach, to start making out. They rolled around the couch for a couple of minutes then ended up on the bean sack where Conner joined them. Zach lay across the bed and his two buddies went at both ends with their hard cocks. Then Zach jumps Conner and starts riding his cock and after a couple of minutes he splatters his load.

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FratX: The Morning After

Zach and Dayton from FratX had been out all night partying. The guys ended up back in the common room with Rad, this tattooed dude they pound regularly. Zach and Dayton really tore up this stud’s ass, pounding hard and thrusting deep. Rad shot his load while Zach was boning him, then Zach squirted a huge load all over Rad. Dayton watched them fucking like dogs until he blasted all over my chest. What a hot load!

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