Sketchy Sex: Enternally Addickted

The front of the Sketchy Sex house isn’t the only door always open. Everyone in the cumdump house is ENTERnally open. Doesn’t matter day or night or whatever they gotta do that day, when dicks come knocking they open up for ’em. Might as well put in a revolving door, fresh dicks every few hours. After this crew came in, all their holes were pools of cum. A tongue could swim in them!

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Sketchy Sex: Any Hole Loads

The Sketchy Sex bros are 2 hole cumdumps here and know how to get as many dicks in each as possible. They had a few guys coming through recently who just wanted to dump a quick load down their throats till they saw what hungry load sluts they are. They were airtight for hours and got their mouths and arses pounded out. Pretty sure most of the bros won’t be able to talk or walk properly after this!

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