Slam Rush: Desperate Dumpster

One of the Slam Rush crew figured that, instead of wasting time looking for boys on the street, he’d just set up an application thing on the website looking for cumdumps. Got this ripped guy through the site who always wanted to be raw gangbanged. But, you know the slam pigs gotta get cloudy, so they got him distracted by all the hung guys partying in the room and then … Ha ha … the guy didn’t even know what happened before he was bent over and everyone got a few turns.

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Slam Rush: Slam Pig

Some of these guys the Slam Rush producers get slammin’ off the street learn their place well. They get so hooked you can do anything to them. Remember when this slut first started? Kept trying to weasel his arse out of being used. Now they throw any dick at him, he’ll swallow their spit, nut and dick on command. Getting cloudy gets boys to be good bitches. Good for business.

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