Str8 Hell: Ilja Krutov and Karel Polak: Airport Security

Str8 Hell model Karel Polak is in charge of security at the airport today. He brings Ilja Krutov into his office and sits him down. Then Karel asks Ilja about some money that has been stolen. Ilja denies any involvement, but Karel decides he must be searched. So, he makes Ilja strip down to his underwear. Then he is told to take them off too, or the police will become involved. Instead of taking off the underwear Ilja pulls a wad of money out and hands it over. But his problems have only just started. He wants to leave, and promises to do anything as long as there is no police involvement. With that he takes off his underwear and sits down. When Karel stands his pants tent outwards and Ilja has to rub the bulge. Ilja is straight and naturally protests, but as Karel gets naked, he goes onto his knees and takes the rock-hard dick in his mouth. Karel holds the back of Ilja’s head and fucks his cock hard into the mouth. But that is just the warm up. Next, he is made to kneel on the chair and he feels Karel’s big cock pushing into his arse hole. Karel grabs Ilja’s hips and pounds his dick hard into the tight arsehole. Ilja moans as he takes that rampant cock and wanks hard and fast and unloads his cum as Karel continues to fuck his hole. Then Karel pulls out and dumps his cum too, shooting it all over the place.

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Str8 Hell: Ilja Krutov and Jeremy Robbins

Straight lad Ilja Krutov is sitting in a chair, wearing only his jock strap when Str8 Hell model Jeremy Robbins arrives and finds him like that. Ilja has been waiting tied up for some time. Jeremy is rock-hard and ready for some action and leans over to kiss Ilja. Ilja’s hands are shackled behind his head and he watches nervously as Jeremy pulls out his big uncut cock and shoves it into Ilja’s mouth and starts a fucking motion. Then Jeremy sucks on Ilja’s cock before turning him over to get access to his hot butt and virgin arsehole …

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