Czech Hunter: Marian Likes To Play The Pokies

The Czech Hunter cameraman was walking around the old city centre when he bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18yo lad who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke. Mainly because Marian liked playing the casinos … That was good news, gamblers are always easy. Our cameraman offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20,000 Crowns for sex. Marian hesitated for a second and then took our cameraman to his place. The dude used to hit the gym so his body was superb, not to mention his beautiful uncut cock with plenty of extra foreskin. Marian had some prior boy-on-boy experience, but his arse was still incredibly tight. He probably just fooled around a bit and this was his first proper gay ride. He took it well but his poor butt hurt probably a bit after it was all over!

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