Czech Hunter: The Cutie With An Empty Wallet

This cutie was absolutely out of money when the Czech Hunter cameraman met him. He was supposed to start at a new job the next week so his wallet was empty. Not to mention the job was pretty crappy so our cameraman’s easy cash got him interested really fast! The guy had just moved from a small town to Prague, which meant our cameraman got lucky because his new flat was still empty, no roommates yet. The lad took him there and eagerly tried to earn that fast money. The dude had a great body, covered in tattoos, it was very sexy. Also, he had a girlfriend, who he wanted to marry. Having sex with our cameraman didn’t bother him too much because it’s not cheating when you’re with a dude. Those were his words. His tight arse wasn’t exactly ready for our cameraman’s cock, but the guy sucked it up. He gave it a nice stretch and then unloaded on his face!

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