Czech Hunter: The Straight Rollerblader In The Park

Today in a park the Czech Hunter cameraman had to take care not to get hit by one of those reckless rollerblading guys. Several of them were hot, and try tho he might, they just all went too fast to talk to … but eventually he spotted the perfect catch. A young guy with blond hair, well-built and – as he soon found out – working part-time in a call center as a sales agent. After a bit of chit-chat the cameraman managed to get the young guy to agree to compare their dicks. A few minutes and a few thousand Crowns later he had was sucking of the cameraman’s cock – he might be straight, but the lure of all that cash got him to agree to almost anything … but how far would he go? Would he allow our cameraman’s fat uncut cock to pop his cherry as well? Check out the images below to find out!

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