Czech Hunter: This Bisexual Lad Knew Exactly What To Do

The Czech Hunter cameraman met a very interesting young man in this latest shoot. He didn’t look very interesting at first glance, just a regular dude in his early twenties. The guy didn’t know about the brothel our cameraman used as a pretext to start the conversation. So cute and innocent!. He worked at a boring job in which he made shitty salary … he was, as they say, just an ordinary young guy from Prague. The lad was bi-sexual and he knew exactly what to do. He almost ripped the cameraman’s cock off with his suction and then let him ravage his beautiful asshole for ten minutes non-stop. It hurt him at first but he got used to it quickly. In the end he just shivered in ecstasy while his butthole was being banged raw and hard.

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