English Lads: Ronaldo Cerrio and Justin Harris

Straight footballer Ronaldo has continued to surprise the crew at English Lads, after only giving a quick hesitant kiss at the end of his last duo video, today his kisses are long and sensual, almost passionate, and before you know it both lads are naked and wanking each other off! Justin bends down to suck on Ronaldo and suddenly Ronaldo is rock hard with his rocket uncut cock sticking straight up high against his abs! A little more foreplay and the lads are soon lubing up … Ronaldo sticks his cock up a boys arse for the first time. Like most straight boys fucking a guy for the first time, they simply force it in; Ronaldo is no exception, and Justin is left breathless, though before he has time to catch his breath he is panting as Ronaldo proves he can fuck a guy like an expert!

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