Gay Hoopla: Lance Golding Gets Some Bat Handling Tips from Coach Jeremy Barker

After a long day of practice on the diamond, Gay Hoopla model Lance Golding is sweaty and in dire need of a shower. His coach, Jeremy Barker, suggested they head back to his place to review some footage as well. Lance hops in the shower to get clean while his coach gets the footage ready, but things take a turn fast. After realizing he forgot to ask for a towel, Lance steps out to ask. As he slid the bathroom door open, he caught a glimpse of Jeremy changing and stopped in his tracks. Lance has had a coach fantasy his whole life and suddenly, it could be happening right in front of him! Lance watches for a while before working up the courage to ask for the towel and he could swear coach Jeremy already knew he was watching! Jeremy hands him his towel, still in his underwear, and Lance could already feel the hormones raging inside. As soon as the door was closed, Lance pulled out his raging boner and began to stroke it. Lost in his fantasy, Lance doesn’t hear Jeremy approaching and suddenly the door swings open! Coach J seems pleasantly surprised by what he finds and suggests coming out for some tips from the man himself! Just like that, Lance’s fantasy is coming to life as he and his coach stroke their cocks together, side by side!

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