New York Straight Men: Dimetri: Chemistry Test

Dimetri has been working had at bartering by night and studying by day for final exams … in fact, the afternoon of this New York Straight Men photo session he just had one. To top it off he is getting married in a few months, so needless to say he is a busy man. So busy that he just had to make the time to get a blowjob … something self indulgent. Dimetri’s future wife will not suck cock and he is one of those guys that NEEDS a blowjob on a regular basis or he can’t function properly. He came to the right place today, as Trey was as hungry for cock as Dimetri was hankering for head. The chemistry between the Dimetri and his cocksucker was really hot. While Trey knew his job was to suck it was evident that Dimetri really enjoyed Trey’s skills.

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