New York Straight Men: Sucking Up To The Boss

Brent called New York Straight Men to see if he could get another blowjob. He said he would be coming right from work. So we were surprised when he showed up wearing a suit! We know he is a house painter by trade, a blue collar guy, but what we didn’t know is that he owns the business! He told us that sometimes when he bids on commercial projects he wears a suit when meeting the clients. We think he is hot either way, suit or wife-beater. The resident cocksucker was eager to service this suited guy, it was extra hot that knowing that he is the boss and gets his way, including this scene. Brent had a long day and wanted a relaxing blowjob where Trey did all the work. Trey started sucking while Brent was still clothed, he just undid his zipper, giving Trey access to his cock. As Trey sucked, Brent slowly undressed, which made for a great show. Once the clothes were all off the hardcore blowjob began.

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