Southern Strokes: Derrick and Wade: Oral

Wade has always been a favourite at Southern Strokes, so today he was rewarded by being the one to break in Derrick, the new straight boy. The two lads got naked and got up on their knees on the bed and started with kissing each other as they each fondled the other’s jewels. Wade leaned over and took Derrick’s cock in his mouth and showed him how to take it nice and slow and deep. Derrick didn’t hesitate when it was his turn going in for more of Wade’s thick uncut cock. Derrick did surprise everyone tho when he went in for more, and this time Derrick grabbed a hold of the Wade’s cock and slowly took it all the way down his throat. Wade was so turned on that the wanted Derrick’s cock in is mouth and he wanted Derrick’s cum. Derrick finally gave Wade what he was waiting for; dumping a nice load of country boy juice all over Wade’s stomach.

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