Southern Strokes: Ryan and Ethan

Two straight boys, however both of them are obviously lovers of sex … even if only cock is involved! Ryan is pretty new to the whole fucking boys things but you can tell that this nerdy guy is loving the attention, especially when it’s on his 9 inch tool. Once the Southern Strokes cameras started rolling, the guys locked lips and stripped off all their clothes so that Ethan’s mouth could find it’s way to Ryan’s semi-hard cock. Then Ethan climbed onto the bed and got on all fours and presented his hairy hole for Ryan’s taking. Ryan slowly pried open Ethan’s tight hole until his entire cock was swallowed by Ethan’s man hole. Ethan rode Ryan’s big cock taking it long and deep. Then Ethan let Ryan fuck him until Ryan exploded with a big load all over Ethan’s stomach.

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