Southern Strokes: Dallas and Tim

Dallas has had many cocks in that hole of his so this week Southern Strokes decided to give him a little break and let him stuff that big fat cock of his deep inside Tim’s tight pink frat boy hole. In anticipation of this event, Dallas’ cock was throbbing right out of his jeans with pre-cum dripping down his shaft as soon as he pulled it out for some fresh air! The guys traded sloppy blow jobs before Tim climbed up on top and sat on Dallas’s long, fat country cock. It took Tim a while to settle on it, but once he got comfortable, Tim couldn’t get it in deep enuff or fast enuff!

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Straight Fraternity: Chris and Dixon: That Hit The Spot

21yo Chris and 24yo Dixon are two well-hung straight guys looking to make some fast cash over with Straight Fraternity. Dixon easily goes with the flow, sucking cock for the first time and cumming twice on Chris’s leg. But when Chris has trouble producing his money shot, the cameraman steps in, inserts an experienced finger deep into Chris’s arsehole and milks a huge load out of his prostate! The look on Chris’s face afterwards is priceless!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Dan 69

This Active Duty oral scene was filmed before Dan went on to do the hard stuff for them. It starts out with super-hung Bryce sporting a Superman t-shirt and Dan looking around somewhat nervously. Once Bryce hauls out his big meat (which is almost as big as a baby’s arm), Dan comments on how nice it looks. The guys start out by mutually jerking one another, which leads to blow jobs all around and then even some passionate kissing and sixty-nine-ing … plus, of course, two hot cum shots at the end!

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