English Lads: Dominic Moore and Jack Harper

Young and fit straight duo Dominic Moore and Jack Harper are in front of the English Lads cameras this week and the lads are being very naughty indeed! It’s been 3 years since we’ve seen Jack and he’s looking more manly and hairer than ever. Both lads have been keeping in great shape, lean and defined. The pair have a good feel of each other’s trousers and rub their bulges together! The guys are soon naked and their cocks move from big, long semis to big throbbing erections …

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Southern Strokes: Trevor and Cory

The Southern Strokes team really aren’t trying to turn Cory into an exclusive bottom, although during the last few visits to their studios he’s had to give it up each time! Today is no exception, and when he was paired up with Trevor he seemed to like what he saw! The lads started undressing each other and Cory let Trevor know that he had better take control otherwise Trevor just might find himself on the bottom of the pile. Trevor wasn’t giving up his arse to anyone today, and jumped on top and stuck his tongue deep inside Cory’s mouth. Not long after … Cory just settled back on the couch and assumed the position!

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