English Lads: Cameron Donald and Marc Bozzi

Marc was feeling a little experimental and more confident than in his last shoot at English Lads today, so he sort of takes charge and is the model giving the massage! He seems to enjoy massaging Cameron, getting a chance to check out his body and compare who has the biggest muscles! Before you know it, Site Members get to see that Marc is actually wanking Cameron’s cock and realising its actually quite a bit of fun to have a cock in both hands! After doing a great job on Cameron he is allowed to lie back and receive his first blow job from another man. Judging how hard his uncut cock gets … it’s pretty certain he isn’t minding the whole experience!

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Southern Strokes: Marc Fucks Genesis

When Marc made his first visit to the Southern Strokes Ranch, he let it be known that his preference was to top. So true to form, they had him bottom … that is, until today when Genesis came along with his sexy meaty ass. The guys were hanging out at the supper table chatting and the next thing you know, Genesis is taking down Marc’s pants so he could get to Marc’s hard uncut cock. Genesis’s wet mouth worked on Marc’s uncut cock until it was Marc’s turn to give Genesis’ cock a good sucking. Marc wanted a little taste of what was to cum so he let his tongue explore Genesis’s hole as Genesis arched his back and opened up his balloon knot so that Marc could get his tongue in nice and deep. Marc wasn’t done playing yet. Next Marc worked Genesis’ hole over with his fingers to get it ready for his uncut meat …

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Southern Strokes: Sucking Levi

The Southern Strokes crew were filming Levi kicking back on the couch watching a little porn and playing with his tool when they looked over and noticed that a half naked Marc was standing in the door watching and playing with himself. They figured that Levi hadn’t noticed Marc watching him so they didn’t bring any attention to it. What happened next surprised everyone … Levi had in fact noticed Marc, and he gave a little nod to Marc and invited him over to give him a little hand milking out a load. Marc worshiped Levi’s big cock like it was ice cream. Levi’s swollen meat was throbbing as Marc showed off his skills and lack of gag reflex. The only time Marc’s mouth left Levi’s dick was to kiss and worship his Levi’s massive chest.

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