English Lads: Cameron Donald and Wesley Seaton

Having recovered a previously lost hard drive, English Lads found this previously lost and unseen footage. Wesley wasn’t sure about doing anything but a solo shoot, but he warmed to the idea of doing something more and today you see what he got up to … and he ended up not being as cautious as you’d think! Wesley starts off being stripped down to his boxers and then relaxing on the bed as his body is massaged really well with a strong sports massage by Cameron! Before you know, Site Members will get to see that Cameron has Wesley naked and massages his body doing a great job at showing off his hole, surrounded by that light blond fuzz! Cameron is soon wanking Wesley’s very stiff uncut cock and, feeling left out, without a job to do himself, he grabs Cameron’s uncut cock and returns the favour! Lots of wanking later and Wesley is unloading his cum load everywhere!

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English Lads: Cameron Donald and Marc Bozzi

Having recovered a lost hard drive, English Lads are now able to release this previously lost and unseen footage. Marc was feeling a little experimental and more confident than in his last shoot so today he sort of takes charge and is the model giving the massage! He seems to enjoy massaging Cameron, getting the chance to check out his body and compare who has the biggest muscles! Before you know it, Site Members get to see that Marc is wanking Cameron and realising its quite fun to have a cock in both hands! After doing a great job on Cameron he is allowed to lie back and receive his first blow job from another guy. Judging how hard his uncut cock is then it’s pretty certain he isn’t minding the whole experience!

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Straight Off Base: Benny and Briar: Massage and Happy Ending

Straight Off Base models, USMC Corporals Benny and Briar, dutifully report in for a sexy massage with a happy ending! Benny and Briar have really become best battle-buddies away from base while on liberty and Briar was totally down for a stress-relieving massage session. Briar hops on the massage table and Benny lubes Briar’s well-chiselled body up. Benny wraps his hands around Briar’s hard cock and eventually mounts the table to straddle the ripped Briar for a better advantage to stroke their cocks together. Briar obviously gets off on the whole process, as he soon lets go of his pent-up cum load all over his chest!

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