My Straight Buddy: Mac and John and TK: True Bromance

Mac, John and TK (AKA Tennessee) are marines and best friends, and they are a wild bunch. Sandy redhead Mac has been stationed with John and TK for almost three years and you can see when they’re together you can see why this video had to be called “True Bromance”. This video is a record of one crazy night that happened when John and TK joined their best bro Mac at the My Straight Buddy “Naked House” one night after the bars closed. Pretty soon the clothes were falling off and, with no girls in sight, the guys were getting pretty horny. Mac and John were the horniest so they were the first to succumb, but TK, sensing that he was being left out of the fun, soon dropped his drawers too and joined them!

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My Straight Buddy: Mark and Jeff: Naked Surfers

Mark and Jeff are former marines who used to be in the same platoon. They both got out a few months ago and are now living it up as room-mates on the California coast, going to school and surfing every day. They invited the My Straight Buddy cameraman to come down and crash on their couch any weekend he wanted and recently he took them up on the offer. The day he arrived the guys were out surfing, but when they got back they stripped right out of their wetsuits, and being former marines, they are not shy, and as room-mates they spend almost all their time naked because … why not? Jeff was pretty horned up from not having time to jerk off for 3 days and we get to see him as he jerked off. He spurted a huge load on himself, then got in the shower to wash it off, and then his buddy Mark joined him!

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My Straight Buddy: Trip and Kody: Drunk Naked Stepbrothers

Trip is one of the sexiest guys the My Straight Buddy cameraman has ever met. His body is hot enough, but there’s something in the way he moves and talks that will just kill you. His step-brother Kody is also a marine and got posted to the same base. They’ve been brothers for about 4 years … seems Kody’s dad must have married Trip’s mum, and now these guys are super tight.

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