Missionary Boys: Elder Hardt and Elder Miller

Elder Hardt made sure that he and Elder Miller arrived at the Missionary Boys mission home a tad early, when he knew the Mission President wouldn’t be home. Using his keys, he let himself and his new friend in and quickly suggested that they take advantage of their alone time together in the beautiful mission home. Hardt wanted to get the most out of their time together … he quickly stripped his nervous companion and they kissed, sucked and fucked as quickly as they could … in case the Mission President returned early!

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Debt Dandy: Young and Cute and Straight and In Debt

His voice had a promising sound – young and cute and a bit nervous. When he had called up the Debt Dandy the day before this meeting, our cameraman immediately exited and curious how he might look like in person. Move forward 24 hours and a very cute young man opens the door of his well-furnished apartment. It could clearly be seen that he lived there with a girl. They spoke about his debts – nothing unusual, but he owed a bank and some friends … all up around 25 000 CZK … actually not all that much. But for him, it was a desperate situation! He’d lost his job 3 months ago and knowing this our horny cameraman went straight to the point. He wanted his straight virgin arse and in return he offered him to pay all his debts – easy. And his initial reaction was as expected … but would he change his mind?

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Active Duty: Quentin and Brian

An old favourite, Brian, is back with Active Duty and he’s very excited to be matched up with a more recent favourite, the smoking hot Quentin. Once the fun started, Brian’s dick seemed to get harder and (as if it is even possible) bigger than before and Quentin certainly took his time enjoying the massive erection too. After that, Brian went to his knees to return the nice favour! He went to town on Quentin’s cock, giving it all the care and love a nice stiffy deserves. Then the two guys moved to the bed where Quentin finally sat on Brian’s raw throbbing member and slowly worked up to a good riding pace. My goodness is that thing a hole stretcher!

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