The Casting Room: Kieron and Patryk

At The Casting Room this week Kieron can barely contain his excitement when he’s paired with sexy young straight hunk named Patryk. Patryk has never had sex with a man before, so the lucky Kieron is the first one to feel this hot outgoing man’s big potent cock up his arsehole! But first Kieron enthusiastically gets stuck in while Patryk nervously takes the plunge at getting kissed and groped by another man. Kieron suckles on Patryk’s long silky foreskin, swallows down his cock and sucks on the lady’s big full balls. Kieron lovingly kisses Patryk’s pert arse cheeks while sliding his finger up inside his virgin hole! The heat and smell of man sex rises in the room as the guys get really into it … with Patryk even licking out Kieron’s butthole! Then the time arrives and Kieron shoves his dick up Patryk’s tight rectum. Having endured the pain of getting his cherry being popped, the pair then switch around for Patryk’s favoured position … fucking like a mean hard bastard. Patryk stares up with shock as he experiences getting a face and mouthful of hot freshly milked sperm. The enthusiasm and electricity between these two kinky guys is palpable … you really need to go and check it out!

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