Next Door World: Lucas Knight and Arad: My Bro’s Best Friend

Lucas has always regarded Arad as a pretty cool dude … until recently. Lucas’s brother and Arad have been tight friends for quite a while. But Lucas has just heard that Arad is a “homo”. So when Arad dropped by recently, Lucas can’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable. Arad notices right away something is different with his best friend’s little bro. Lucas tells Arad what he heard and Arad just laughs a little and explains that he’s actually bisexual. Lucas is interested, but still reticent to accept the idea. Arad moves close to Lucas and, with a few choice words, convinces Lucas he might like hooking up with a guy if he’d only try it. Arad pulls down Lucas’s pants and takes his nice cock between his own lips. Arad sucks while Lucas winces and covers his eyes. After a while, Lucas realizes that there’s not denying the blowjob DOES feel amazing. He decides to peek. Peeking turns into locking eyes with Arad. Arad then suggests they try going all the way. Lucas is too horny to say ‘no.’ Arad bends Lucas over and slides his fat, bulging dick into Lucas’s tight, virgin hole. Join this sexy two-some from Next Door World as the coolest guy on the block gives some sexual instruction to his friend’s sweet, inexperienced younger brother.

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