Southern Strokes: Brody: Gay Massage

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One look at Brody’s bruised body and there was no question that this straight Southern Strokes model needed a massage. Brody said that he had never had a massage before so he really didn’t know what to expect. He stripped naked and climbed up onto the table and laid face down with his hot bubble ass up in the air. He closed his eyes and just let the hands explore his body and do whatever they wanted. Brody was loving all the attention his body was getting, especially when he was getting his inner thighs worked over. When he turned over it wasn’t long before his cock was standing at attention …

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Southern Strokes: Ashton and Jayden

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These two Southern boys had checked each other out a few times on the Southern Strokes web site before they decided that they just had to hook up with each other, so next thing you know, two horny studs were on their way to the studio and ready and raring to have a little naked fun on camera. Jayden leaned over and started off locking lips with Ashton. The two of them went at it like a true lovers’ first kiss. Jayden slowly worked his way down Ashton’s shirtless chest and before he knew it, Jayden had Ashton completely naked so they could take turns sucking each other off. Ashton was ready to receive Jayden inside of him so Ashton climbed up on the arm of the chair and opened his legs for Jayden’s big hard cut cock. The boys fucked the cum out of each other all afternoon long ending with the guys both taking loads in their mouths and then sharing it .. thru their passionate kissing!

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Southern Strokes: Wade and Tyler

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Wade and Tyler are both from Southern Georgia and these two Southern Strokes studs both like to fuck around with girls … and guys. It’s said that they have fucked their way all over the South, but somehow they had never fucked each other! But that is all about to change today … check it out!

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Southern Strokes: Blowing Tommy: With Tyler West and Damian Slater

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Recently Southern Strokes put straight new cummer Tommy in the middle of the room on a nice cushy Ottoman and stripped naked … so he had nowhere to escape to. Damian and Tyler joined him … they were both naked too, and the two lads proceeded to work Tommy over with their mouths. As you can see, it wasn’t long before young Tommy was rock hard and enjoying every second of it!

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