Southern Strokes: Ryan and Ethan

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Two straight boys, however both of them are obviously lovers of sex … even if only cock is involved! Ryan is pretty new to the whole fucking boys things but you can tell that this nerdy guy is loving the attention, especially when it’s on his 9 inch tool. Once the Southern Strokes cameras started rolling, the guys locked lips and stripped off all their clothes so that Ethan’s mouth could find it’s way to Ryan’s semi-hard cock. Then Ethan climbed onto the bed and got on all fours and presented his hairy hole for Ryan’s taking. Ryan slowly pried open Ethan’s tight hole until his entire cock was swallowed by Ethan’s man hole. Ethan rode Ryan’s big cock taking it long and deep. Then Ethan let Ryan fuck him until Ryan exploded with a big load all over Ethan’s stomach.

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Southern Strokes: Ashton and Ethan: Flip Fuck

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Straight guy Ethan is always “up for whatever” from the first time he pulled into the Southern Strokes Lake House on his scooter, and today is no exception. He and Ashton were soon naked, with Ashton grabbing the back of Ethan’s head and moving it over his hard cock. Then the hot little college stud bent Ethan over the couch and mounted him doggie. Ethan closed his eyes and started stroking his cock and balls in unison with Ashton’s pounding. Ashton’s throbbing cock just kept getting harder with every thrust … then the guys flipped and ended this hot fuck scene with two cum facials!

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Southern Strokes: Logan Taylor: Gay Massage

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Everybody’s favourite Southern Strokes model, Logan Taylor, is back for a little relaxation with a massage. You will love watching this muscled boy get pampered and see his body explored … leaving nothing to the imagination.

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Southern Strokes: Buck and Preston

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Buck and Preston made their way up to the Southern Strokes studio one night recently for a little fun and late night debauchery. Buck started stripping down; taking off his shirt revealing his hard pecs. Both boys kept peeling off their clothes until they were both naked and kicking back on the bed. The guys swapped head for a spell but Preston really wanted to get his hands on Buck’s muscled arse … and Buck wasn’t having it any other way. Buck flipped over onto his stomach and Preston grabbed the lube and a nice soft toy for some arse play. Buck wasn’t lying when he said that he was tight. It took a little force but Preston teased Buck’s hole with his new found friend. Buck rolled over onto his back so that he could stroke his aching cock while Preston worked on him from the inside out with the dildo. Then Buck worked on his own ass for a while until it was time for the guys to drain their country noodles. Preston shot first leaving a pool of kids all over Bucks abs and then Buck added his kids to the pile.

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