Southern Strokes: JC and Noel

When the Southern Strokes producers found out that Noel was a professional massage therapist, they thought it would be fun to put the super horny JC on his table and see what happens. Noel may be straight, but you can tell that he knows how to get his clients squirming when he gets then naked on his table! Noel big dark hands starting on JC’s back using long hard strokes from his shoulders all the way down to JC’s bare arse cheeks. It only took a few strokes before JC is asking to see the big studs cock. Noel was happy to take out his big black meat and let JC get a taste!

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Southern Strokes: Carson Sucks Haigan

Haigan started off by testing Carson’s gag reflex and grabbed the back of Carson’s head and shoved it onto his semi-hard cock. He made Carson suck him until he was ready to feel his cock inside Carson’s hole. When Haigan starts fucking, an animal in him cums out and he just goes into another world. He didn’t waste time as he started slamming his cock into Carson so that the entire Southern Strokes camera crew could all hear his balls slapping against Carson’s ass.

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Southern Strokes: Dallas and Tim

Dallas has had many cocks in that hole of his so this week Southern Strokes decided to give him a little break and let him stuff that big fat cock of his deep inside Tim’s tight pink frat boy hole. In anticipation of this event, Dallas’ cock was throbbing right out of his jeans with pre-cum dripping down his shaft as soon as he pulled it out for some fresh air! The guys traded sloppy blow jobs before Tim climbed up on top and sat on Dallas’s long, fat country cock. It took Tim a while to settle on it, but once he got comfortable, Tim couldn’t get it in deep enuff or fast enuff!

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Southern Strokes: Tyler and Easton

Easton decided to use Southern Strokes as his coming out party … so to speak. Not coming out, as in gay, but coming out as in taking it up the arse … and tuff guy Easton wanted Tyler to be the one to do it. Tyler was pretty excited, especially when he found out that he was going to be the one to pop Easton’s anal cherry with that little monster of his. Tyler doesn’t pack the biggest dick, but it’s always hard and ready to do it’s job … check it out … hot fuck!

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