ChaosMen: Logan Sparks: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, ChaosMen, Cum Shot

A challenge was tossed out by Logan. He said …”Super-Size Me!”. Apparently for him, it’s the bigger, the better! So ChaosMen set about setting up this “Edge” video and it turned out to be quite “explosive” in the end!

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ChaosMen: Ian: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, ChaosMen

Straight young Ian is back at the ChaosMen studios for this erotic “Edge” video. He gets blind-folded, tie up and given the oral treatment that ChaosMen is so well-know for … enjoy!

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ChaosMen: Chuck: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, ChaosMen, Cum Shot

Teo takes a licking to Chuck in this ChaosMen ‘Edge’ Video. It is pretty obvious Chuck was VERY turned on having his dick sucked!

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ChaosMen: Cort: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, Bondage, ChaosMen, Cum Shot

Cort is more skittish than most guys we see in the ChaosMen Edge chair. He was very nervous, and his limits were somewhat narrow. Ransom worked really hard at making him cum, and despite Cort being quite a squirter, took the load into his mouth. Nice to watch a straight guy to do some things he wouldn’t normally do. And really, that’s what it’s all about!

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