English Lads: Cameron Thomas and Sunny Matthews

Straight best mates Cameron Thomas and Sunny Matthews have known each other for years, but rarely seen each other naked, let alone had a mutual wank together! But today at English Lads is a day of firsts and these two have a lot of nervous banter as they feel each other’s muscles and compare bodies! Members get to watch as they have fun stripping their friend naked and getting themselves to big floppy semis and then throbbing hard erections as they sit on the stools naked with only their white football socks on flexing their muscles. The guys were feeling adventurous today as they agree to let the cameraman oil their cocks and wank them simultaneously, and wow, they both had rock hard-ons!

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Raunchy Bastards: Percy Johnson and Matthew Thomas: Fun With Two Cheap Whores

It’s always fun to mess around with a new young slut, but getting the chance to explore two new guys at once is a real treat! They were both nervous as can be, but they each tried to hide it. It was cute. The nerves melted away (a bit) once the clothes came off and various dicks were firmly inside various mouths. The Raunchy Bastards webmaster Clay had an amazing time getting dome, rimming these two young men’s fine holes, and sticking his dick in them. They also had a good time with each other. Matthew Thomas is the obvious cum whore, and he began showing off his skills right away with his silk-like cock sucking. Percy Johnson, on the other hand, gave a great try as well.

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English Lads: Dominic Moore and Mitch Lee

Young straight, lean and handsome, pups Dominic Moore and Mitch Lee are alone in the English Lads bedroom and left to their own devices today! Both lads have similar, slim, lean and defined bodies, and both lads have a big uncut cock in their pants! Members get to watch as the pair begin by feeling each other’s package before they are stripping one another naked and wanking their uncut cocks to massive erections! Mitch leads the way and soon has Dom’s big long semi and balls in his mouth. Dom seems to like having his balls sucked and soon returns the blowjob! Mitch has a great idea to 69 and we get a nice look at his smooth tight hole in this position before the handsome boys’ power wank themselves to climax. Mitch fires first and Dominic unloads a massive few squirts covering his abs!

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Boys Halfway House: Hugh Depp

Residents of the Boys Halfway House are forced to change their habits once they move in. Take this loser, for example. Hugh used to have a habit of smoking something on the reg, but now he is resigned to smoking something else: the House Managers’ poles. The Managers sure are appreciative, but more importantly, this teen is learning a life lesson. The lesson is that crime doesn’t pay, nor do bad habits, but draining someone’s cock sure can begin to change your behaviours …

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