English Lads: Naughty Str8 Lad Chris

Category : English Lads, Massage

Chris is best summed up as a naughty straight lad who is just so horny he cant keep himself in his clothes and in this, his second English Lads shoot, he is supposed to be getting a massage … but he spends more time teasing the guy (Justin) giving him the massage! Justin does a great job and even such experienced hands are surprised by the naughty teasy-ness thrown at him by Chris! It all ends with Chris getting a right good fingering … you just gotta join to see this video!

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English Lads: Hunky Straight Stud Jay with Zack

Category : English Lads, Massage

English Lads set the scene: a nice warm sunny day in June, a horny straight model, a beach and some one to rub in the sun cream and lo and behold you have the perfect combination for a hot porn shoot!

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English Lads: Straight Newbie Jamie

Category : Arsehole View, English Lads, Hand Jobs, Massage

New lad Jamie is a fit bodied Personal Trainer who has not long turned 18 and decided to try a little adult modelling at English Lads. Today this straight lad agrees to let Zack massage him, pull down his boxers, massage his back, his abs, his legs and then, when je casually knocks his cock, Jamie even agrees to the full treatment and lets Zack massage his cock!

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English Lads: Straight Tough Nut Paddy O’Brian

Category : English Lads, Massage

Paddy has made quite a splash round the world since English Lads first introduced him to adult entertainment industry. Paddy is all man Paddy, but takes one giant leap for himself as he agrees to be a very naughty boy and do nothing in this shoot! Though before doing nothing he does strip off down to his boxers and jumps up on the bed and lies face down and smiles as he enjoys getting a back massage! Some massaging later and Paddy is still doing nothing as his boxers come off and his abs get massaged and his legs and his cock gets nudged around. Paddy still does nothing as his cock gets massaged and it’s soon full and hard and gets gently massaged some more! Still Paddy does nothing; though soon he contributes and shoots a nice big load of cum … doing nothing can be fun!

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