Jake Cruise: Jimmy Coxxx Massaged

Category : Blow Job, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jake Cruise, Licking, Massage, Rimming

Jimmy Coxxx was lying naked on the massage table when Jake Cruise entered the room. His body is pure perfection and Jake couldn’t wait to feel his skin as he rubbed oil over his muscles and glided his tongue across his cock, balls and scrotum. Jake started the massage with his neck and back, working his fingers across his butt muscles as well. Jake couldn’t help but cradle his cock in his hands as he gave him a rim job … Jimmy then rolled over and you could’ve hung a flag on that pole!

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SpunkWorthy: Tory: His First Gay Massage

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Cock Fondling, Cum Shot, Dildo Action, Fingering, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Massage, SpunkWorthy

Tory was so excited after doing his first porn shoot with SpunkWorthy that he was hounding the producers soon afterwards … “What else can I do?” So, when they offered him a gay massage video (which would include some dildo action that Tory was not initially told about), he quickly replied … “Hell, yeah.” When he lay down on the massage table the masseuse went through the normal motions, but was naturally always aiming his hands and fingers toward his arsehole. Tory didn’t even flinch when his legs were spread apart and a finger slid into his hole. A butt plug was soon replacing the finger, and this only seemed to make his dick get harder, so they moved onto the big gun … a thick 8-inch dildo. Tory moaned with pure ecstasy as it plunged in and out of his hole!

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Southern Strokes: Logan Taylor: Gay Massage

Category : Arsehole View, Cum Shot, Fingering, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Massage, South'n Strokes

Everybody’s favourite Southern Strokes model, Logan Taylor, is back for a little relaxation with a massage. You will love watching this muscled boy get pampered and see his body explored … leaving nothing to the imagination.

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SpunkWorthy: Dakota: His First Gay Massage

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fingering, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Massage, SpunkWorthy

Dakota has recently been discharged from the Marine Corps, but in his time with them he’s gotten quite a few “happy ending” massages while stationed overseas … all from girls, of course! So although today’s massage would be given by a guy, he wasn’t overly phased by the idea … in fact, he said he would just close his eyes and “go to Happy Land.” As the SpunkyWorthy masseur’s hands moved across Dakota’s body and toward his delicious bubble butt, they couldn’t resist slipping a finger in his hole and Dakota didn’t resist at all! Then when he flipped over and the masseur’s hands grazed his cock, it grew to full mast quickly … add a little oral stimulation and Dakota was soon squirting his cum load all over another man’s hands!

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