English Lads: Brad King and Dan Broughton

Brad King is one of those young straight men who plays a lot of football and pumps up a little down the gym; as he looses some of his clothes you can get to enjoy his body … he is tall, lean and firm, his muscles are really quite hard. One other muscle that he is unsure about being touched is soon in English Lads resident gay lad Dan Broughton’s experienced hands … and a few surprised glances are soon giving way to “wow, that feels ok!”! Brad is warming to having a massage and how easy these porn shoots are … you just lie back, get stripped, massaged, your cock get wanked, it gets very hard and you struggle to not cum for the rest of the shoot! Members will really enjoy watching this one!

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ChaosMen: Glenn and Vander

In this ChaosMen video, Vander starts by massaging Glenn’s feet, then he moves around to his shoulders, brushing his hard cock close to Glenn’s face … just like any frisky massage therapist would. Straight buy curious Glenn tentatively reaches out to rub Vander’s cock through his underwear. Vander pulls down his shorts, releasing his growing cock. Amazingly Glenn starts sucking on it immediately … check out what happens next!

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Gay Hoopla: Max Summerfield Fucks Phillip Anadarko

Phillip Anadarko’s Gay Hoopla massage parlour is open for business, and with the proper tip, Max Summerfield learns that a happy ending can be easily had! Phillip starts running his hands through Max’s dark pubes, and suddenly Phillip’s clothes are off and he’s stroking both cocks together. From that position he moves easily to take Max’s big stiff cock in his arse and suddenly it’s a happy ending for everyone involved!

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English Lads: Aiden Walsh and Leo Howard

Aiden is back at English Lads and this time here’s here for a nice relaxing massage … and it’s his best mate Leo who gets to show us his handy work at massaging Aiden’s ripped body. Things start off quite teasingly, but before you know it Leo has his hands full … yep, he’s wanking Aiden’s massive uncut cock! Site Members get to see that Leo is also soon naked and he does a great job at wanking both his and Aiden’s hard dicks … both cocks are very hard and Leo is having a great time … having now realised that a cock in each hand is a whole heap of fun!

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