English Lads: Brad King and Dan Broughton

Brad King is one of those young straight men who plays a lot of football and pumps up a little down the gym; as he looses some of his clothes you can get to enjoy his body … he is tall, lean and firm, his muscles are really quite hard. One other muscle that he is unsure about being touched is soon in English Lads resident gay lad Dan Broughton’s experienced hands … and a few surprised glances are soon giving way to “wow, that feels ok!”! Brad is warming to having a massage and how easy these porn shoots are … you just lie back, get stripped, massaged, your cock get wanked, it gets very hard and you struggle to not cum for the rest of the shoot! Members will really enjoy watching this one!

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English Lads: Ben Thompson and Dan Broughton

Ben thought he was out of his comfort zone getting a massage from another man during his last time at English Lads, but in the end he came round to accept the idea that once his cock had been manhandled there wasn’t too much difference with having it sucked! So today Dan did a great job at trying to distract Ben from worrying that his chunky uncut cock was getting its first man blow job, but in the end he said he sort of enjoyed it, but didn’t want to take it up regularly!

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English Lads: Rich Wills and Dan Broughton

This shoot from English Lads was lost for a while and only recently resurfaced … it’s the first shoot where Rich is sucked off by another guy for the first time, and the lucky and hunky gay lad Dan Broughton did the honours! We all know that Rich has gone on and done lots of sexy, man-on-man things since, but Rich didn’t always look like he was enjoying himself, but his massive 9 inch uncut cock was always rock hard and he never had any issues cumming! Site Members can see that Dan does a great job at settling Rich’s nerves and doing a great job at sucking. It all ends with Dan getting a mouthful of Rich’s cum!

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Straight Fraternity: Dean and Richard: Country Boys

20yo Dean has escorted a few times and 19yo Richard has messed around with a guy before, but neither of these country boys have a whole lot of experience or recorded a gay-for-pay video before. The Straight Fraternity webmaster leads the nervous young guys through it, and then decides to jump into the mix himself! He sucks both their dicks and makes sure all three of them shoot their big loads!

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