English Lads: Rich Wills and Liam James

Category : English Lads, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Horseplay, Side/Side Jerk

Nearly two years have past since English Lads filmed young Liam; his now ex-girlfriend forbid him to model; Liam is again young free and single and he called the afternoon they split and asked “would you like to do a new shoot with me!” No need to ask twice! Liam and Rich, can it get much better; two straight young hunks with nicely muscular bodies, pants down and what lovely big uncut cocks they both have! A nice playful shoot, Rich has a slight longer cock, Liam has a slightly thicker one, they both enjoy playing with each other’s and Liam is soon showing Rich that although two years of not sucking a cock has passed, he hasn’t lost his talent!

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Czech Hunter: Straight Buddies Go Gay

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Bareback, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Czech Hunter, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Jacking Off, Side/Side Jerk, Threesome

After a few unsuccessful attempts chatting up several young guys, the Czech Hunter cameraman finally found his first straight “money-boy” couple. Two straight buddies out on the streets of Prague tempted by the cash, and willing to do what it takes to get paid … the dark-haired one is a real cutie … long hair, beautiful eyes and a mouth that just begs to be kissed. Unfortunately he was bit arrogant. But that only lasted until he felt the cameraman’s dick entering his virgin arse. His buddy also fucked him and he ended up with a cum facial!

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Active Duty: Lance and Marty: Lance’s First Time Gay Experience

Category : Active Duty, Blow Job, Cum Shot, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off, Side/Side Jerk

Recently Active Duty introduced us to Lance, a straight hottie in a uniform who was very nervous during his debut solo. Now Lance is back again and willing to take things to the next level … with Marty. It’s obvious that Lance is being honest when he says he’s “never done anything like this before.” He asks Marty about his experience, and Marty tries not to scare off the newbie by revealing too much. They start off jacking side by side, but eventually Marty starts giving Lance a helping hand, and he doesn’t object. Lance had never been sucked by a guy, but that all changes in this scene when he lets Marty go down on him. He ends up getting into it, getting noticeably harder, putting his hand on Marty’s head and eventually moaning and throwing his head back. You’ll have to watch the scene to see how it ends!

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Active Duty: Jason and Dan and Danny: Two First-Timers In An Oral Threesome

Category : Active Duty, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Side/Side Jerk, Threesome

Active Duty introduced newbie Jason on the site recently, and camera-loving Dan just a week or so before that. Both have only done debut solos … until now. Today these two new recruits are paired with the handsome and popular Danny, who has given head twice before, so he’s now the veteran in this hot oral three-way! The scene progresses nicely, in that every guy gets a chance to both give, and receive, often simultaneously, and includes some dirty talk!

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