Czech Hunter: The City Centre

A friend of the Czech Hunter told him that it would be almost impossible for him to find boys in the city centre. Well, that was enough motivation for him to prove the exact opposite! So he spent a whole afternoon there talking to guys and when it was already dark and he was close to give up he finally found a boy who was crazy enough to sell him his underwear! And, as you certainly can imagine by now, he went on persuading him for more. Once he was without undies he was a vulnerable catch. He wanted a lot of money. But the Czech Hunter was more than willing to pay. In the end this young boy was a dirty little pig. Ready to anything for the right amount of money … you must really check out his hole after he got fucked.

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Str8 Chaser: Jax

The Str8 Chaser van driver was hungry, hot, and tired, and he hadn’t seen any hot guys around all day, but Kendra convinced him to stick it out just a little longer. Lucky she did, because a super muscular Adonis suddenly came toward them through the heat haze. Kendra called him over and found out Jax was at the park to watch a baseball game, so she asked him straight up for his bat size before enticing him to hop in the van. Once she got him blindfolded with his big cock out, our driver tapped in to wrap his hot lips around his rock hard dick. With Kendra giving all the orders, our lucky man just had to sit back and relax as she told Jax to suck his cock and then lick his arse! He said he wasn’t into it at first, but still managed to cum all over our driver’s face!

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Czech Hunter: The Twink With The Ice Cream

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman saw this cute young lad buying ice cream and he instantly knew he was going to be the perfect lad to try his story out on. He was in a hurry to get to a gym, which was a bit annoying, but our cameraman somehow managed to convince him to hang around so that he could offer him cash for doing naughty things. He turned out to be really agile and open-minded, although straight. He did everything asked of him, from climbing a tree to taking a shower under a small waterfall which, even in summer, was very cold. At that point our cameraman could see the lad was hooked, he was after the money and would be prepared to do whatever was necessary! They found a discreet place near the path and started getting undressed and before long the lad was sucking our cameraman’s cock, getting it nice and slick before they fucked!

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